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About Asian Beer Trading

Asian Beer Tradingは、香港を中心に東南アジアの新進気鋭のクラフトビールを直輸入し、日本国内で独占販売を致します。
その想いを実現する為に Asian Beer Trading は日々挑戦し続けます。

Asian Beer Trading
代表 大西 克朗

Asian Beer Trading directly import authentic attractive craft beer mainly made in Hong Kong and wide variety from Southeast Asia, and sell it exclusively in Japan.
We have connections in Southeast Asian countries, and we carefully select and import truly delicious craft beer from new brewery information in that area.
Most of the brands we handle are small-scale privately owned breweries with a strong passion for beer making.
Beer is transported from the brewery to the nearest port by the shortest route, and even after arriving in Japan, it is stored in the nearest warehouse from the port under appropriate temperature control.
We will closely manage the shipping schedule with restaurants and bars, and strive to ensure that consumers can enjoy beer in the best possible condition.
We would like to introduce Asian craft beer, which is not yet known to the world, to everyone in Japan and obligation to become a bridge between creators and drinkers who love beer.
Asian Beer Trading will continue to challenge every day to accomplish that desire.

Asian Beer Trading
C.E.O Katsuaki Onishi